JUKI has grown steadily as a supplier of the highest-quality products and services to industries around the world since its founding in 1938. Since that time the company has expanded its competencies from cast metal parts to one of the world’s leading manufacturing equipment producers.

Today we produce, home sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, surface mount technology and much more. Our core business is the production and development of market leading industrial sewing machines and we are proud to be able to offer our solutions to over 180 different countries around the world… and this is out story.
We are the only Brand with it all

JUKI’s lineup of industrial sewing machines consists of about 2,000 models, allowing us to supply all requirements of a sewing production. Machines suited to the material and purpose that work in combination means you will not need anything else.

Our years of global experience extends to not just the sewing machines but also the production methodology itself. Our
line solution proposals allow you to achieve the maximum performance in your production (quality, deskilling, and productivity) through production flow and factory layout analysis. Our aim is to provide our customers with the knowledge on both technology and production best practices to amplify our mutual benefits. 

"Mind & Technology"
Motto that leads us
Sewing technology of the future
Juki has long been at the forefront of advancements in the industrial and home sewing machine industries with advancements that set the standard for sewing in the decades to come.

Our digital sewing machines are the latest in this long line of advancements that are establishing a new benchmark in textile processing machinery. We can help you implement an industry 4.0 compliant Smart Factory the likes of which have not been possible before the development of digital sewing and JaNets.
We have the solution for all your needs

Giving you the support you need

We are very proud of our strong distribution network across Europe and throughout the rest of the world. From Juki Central Europe’s offices in Warsaw and through our representative offices in Minsk, Moscow, Italy and Turkey we are able to serve the entire extended European market and North Africa.

Through our carefully selected distributors we can combine knowledge and specific geographical market experience to ensure the best sewing solutions are available to customers. Leveraging both our own expertise as well as that of our distributors we can provide insights and assistance that can improve factories productivity and quality.
GLOBAL & INNOVATIVE – Becoming a company that customers select as a solution partner
Today, JUKI is powerfully advancing growth strategies and business reforms based on our long-term vision "to be global and innovative manufacturing and value-creation", company that survives the 21st century.
We have over 80 years of knowledge

Juki was established in Tokyo Japan in 1938 when a group and machinery manufactures forming the “Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association.” Over the past 80 years we have grown and are today the world leader in several business areas from home sewing to data entry devices and surface mounted technology for circuit boards. Juki is always keeping one eye on the future but we are very proud of our past and the different ways we have helped push forward the textile industry as a whole.

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Machinery manufactures in Tokyo invest to form "Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association."
The association converts to a joint-stock corporation and changes its name to "Tokyo Juki Industrial Co., Ltd."
The manufacturing of sewing machines is permitted.
The first machine of the Household Sewing Machines is completed. (HA-1)
Exporting the Household Sewing Machines to the U.S. starts.
JUKI Sewing Machines are selected as a special prize for the New Year’s greeting card with a lottery number.
The company enters the Industrial Sewing Machines market and releases the first machine. (DDW-Ⅱ)
The company wins the Imperial Invention Award for the invention of a single-axis rotational thread take-up lever.
The Industrial Sewing Machines are exported to Hong Kong for the first time.
The “Sewing Efficiency Laboratory” is established to help improve productivity of sewing factories. On the picture: A workshop intended for the sewing factory managers
“JUKI Magazine,” a professional journal for the sewing industry is first published.
Manufacturing and sales of electronic computer peripherals start.
The company’s stock is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The company’s stock is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The Sales Headquarters Building is completed at Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Tokyo Juki Certified Specialists Association is set up.
The company incorporates “Nakajima Seisakusho (present JUKI MATSUE CORPORTION),” a manufacturer for the Industrial Sewing Machines in Shimane Prefecture into the JUKI Group.
QC (Quality Control) circle activities start.
The company incorporates “SUZUTAMI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD.,” a leading industrial knife manufacturer into the JUKI Group.
“Misedani Industrial Co., Ltd. (present JUKI METAL CORPORATION)” manufacturing the frames for the Industrial Sewing Machines is founded.
JUKI’s first overseas sales company (present JUKI (HONG KONG) LTD.) is founded in Hong Kong.
The “OHTAWARA PLANT,” a manufacturing plant for the Industrial Sewing Machines is completed in Ohtawara City, Tochigi Prefecture.
A sales company (called JUKI (EUROPE) GMBH), a stronghold in Europe is founded in West Germany.
A manufacturing plant is found in Akita Prefecture. (JUKI DENSHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.)
The ”Nasu Training Center” is completed in the OHTAWARA PLANT.
Aizu Precision Co., Ltd. (present JUKI AIZU CORPORATION) is founded in Fukushima Prefecture.
Yoshino Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is founded in Akita Prefecture. (JUKI YOSHINO KOGYO CORPORATION)
Akita Seimitsu Co., Ltd. is founded in Akita Prefecture. (JUKI AKITA SEIMITSU CORPORATION)
The Parts Center is opened as a department supplying spare parts for the Industrial Sewing Machines.
A sales company (present JUKI AMERICA, INC.) is founded in the U.S.
TQC (Total Quality Control) activity starts.
The Sewing Center is opened in the Head Office.
A trade show for the Industrial Sewing Machines is independently held in Shanghai, China.
The headquarters of the Industrial Sewing Machines Business wins the Deming Prize (Deming Application Prize for Division).
The company participates in a research and development program of “Automatic sewing system,” a big project of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. (The selected 27 companies attend.)
A branch office of JUKI (HONG KONG) LTD. is founded in Singapore.
The first machine of a Chinese character key-to- floppy device that is the predecessor of a Data Entry System is released.
The company enters a field of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) for an Industrial Equipment Business. The manufacturing and sales of the first machine starts. (KP-350)
The company name is changed to JUKI CORPORATION.
The company acquires a major manufacturer of the industrial sewing machines in the U.S. (UNION SPECIAL)
A corporate philosophy, a basic management policy, and a corporate slogan are established.
JUKI’s first overseas factory is founded in Shanghai, China jointly with another company. (SHANGHAI JUKI SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD., a manufacturing plant for the household sewing machines)
A sales company is founded in China. (TOKYO JUKI INTERNATIONAL TRADE (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.)
A parts factory for the industrial sewing machines is founded in Vietnam. (Present JUKI (VIETNAM) CO., LTD.)
A company controlling the sales in Asia is founded in Singapore. (Present JUKI SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.)
A company manufacturing and procuring the parts for the industrial sewing machines is founded in China (present JUKI (NINGBO) PRECISION Co., Ltd.)
The company wins an award from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry for the development of a “bobbin thread automatic feeder" used for the Industrial Sewing Machines.
The company spins off a domestic sales department for the Industrial Sewing Machines into a separate company. (JUKI SALES (JAPAN) CORPORATION)
A manufacturing plant for the industrial sewing machines is founded in Langfang, China jointly with another company. (JUKI XINXING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.)
The company incorporates ZEVATECH (present JUKI AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INC.) into the JUKI Group to strengthen sales of the Industrial Equipment in Europe and the U.S.
A wholly owned manufacturing plant for the Industrial Sewing Machines is founded in Shanghai, China. (JUKI (SHANGHAI) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.)
A fully owned subsidiary controlling a Chinese area is founded. (JUKI (CHINA) CO., LTD.)
A digital cell production system in the OHTAWARA Plant starts.
Briefings to institutional investors start. (Financial results briefing)
An office controlling the sales in Europe is founded in Poland. (JUKI CENTRAL EUROPE SP.ZO.O)
A sales office for the Industrial Equipment in Asia is founded in Thailand. (JUKI SMT ASIA CO., LTD)
A “parent-child workshop for making a swagger bag” is held for the first time during summer holidays.
All stocks of a manufacturing subsidiary in the U.S. are sold in MBO (Management Buyout) deal. (UNION SPECIAL)
Door-to-door sales of the Household Sewing Machines stops.
The JUKI’s own “ECO PRODUCTS” system starts.
The company moves to the new company building built in Tsurumaki, Tama City, Tokyo. (December)
The household sewing machines are donated to all the elementary and junior-high schools in Tama City.
Offering assistance to the 5th graders in nearby elementary school in Tama City starts as part of their social study class. (Such as giving them tours to company facilities and showroom.)
The company changes a fiscal year-end from March to December. (Since 2011)
Activities for restoring JUKI’s facilities damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake are carried out.
The company makes a comprehensive alliance with “SIRUBA,” the major company of an industrial knitting device in Taiwan.
A sales company is founded in Bangladesh. (JUKI MACHINERY BANGLADESH LTD.)
“SIIX EMS Shanghai Co., Ltd.” is founded jointly with SIIX. An electronics factory of JUKI (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. is transferred to this joint venture company.
JUKI cooperative association is reorganized into JUKI cooperative society.
A sales company is founded in Vietnam. (JUKI MACHINERY VIETNAM CO., LTD.)
“Sleep Buster,” a drowsy driving warning system is released. (On the basis of manufacturing and sales contracted by Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
The company makes the department for Industrial Equipment independent and founds JUKI AUTOMATION SYSTEMS CORPORATION.
JUKI AUTOMATION SYSTEMS CORPORATION merges with the business department for SMT Equipment of SONY EMCS.
Manufacturing capabilities of manufacturing plants in both Japan and Vietnam are combined to start the business for the JUKI group companies.
The company combines the shares to change the share unit number from blocks of 1000 shares to 100 shares.
The “JUKI GLOBAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT FORUM,” a presentation of global Total Quality Management activities starts.
A model concept of a Smart Factory for the sewing factory is presented at JIAM (Japan International Apparel Machinery) 2016.
The company changes a business segment name and grouping.(Sewing Machinery & Systems and Industrial Equipment &System)
Three companies in Akita Prefecture are integrated into a company called “JUKI INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION”
After the war, the company converted to a manufacturer of household sewing machines and has challenged its new businesses such as industrial sewing machines and SMT equipment since then. The business has been expanded on a large-scale global basis from Chofu City, Tokyo, and JUKI products have been used by customers around the world. We continue to develop products and provide services to satisfy our customers.
Testowy rok

We are here

Juki Central Europe is the European head office of Juki responsible for the industrial sewing and home sewing machine business in Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Russia, and CIS countries.

Juki Central Europe was established in 2005 in Warsaw Poland. To this day our sales, logistics, technical service, administration, and marketing efforts are conducted and controlled from our office on Poleczki Street.

We are expanding

The company's strengths are leveraged through an extensive distributor network that has been established over the years, offering the shared knowledge and expertise of industry-leading experts in the sewing sector.

Juki Central Europe's different representative offices in Moscow, Minsk, Turkey, and Italy again add to our extensive network supporting and maintaining the Juki brand across the continent and beyond.

We are helping your business

Juki Central Europe’s dedicated technical team and specialists from JUKI Corporation along with our distributors provide customers with unrivaled machine knowledge and maintenance as well as providing additional technical services.

We conduct product seminars and training with the goal of providing technical and operational expertise in the area of JUKI industrial sewing machines to help improve your business and efficiency. We also provide support for our industrial customers in the form of after-sales services and software.

We are developing

In Europe, we are able to gather the needs of customers around Europe and ensure Juki is constantly delivering the solutions needed in today's market place.

We develop and construct some custom machines such as the SADE and extended LU and LS Series models here in Europe.

Our custom clamps department is able to create customer-specific machine clamps for machines like the AMS-251, AMS-221F, and PS-800 Series models.
You can see and touch what we offer
The future of our Planet is in our hands
Juki Environmental Philosophy

Our environmental standards are the core of our buisness. Now more than ever it is vital for all people and businesses around the world to be conscious of the effect our day-to-day lives and work are having on the planet.

Juki takes this responsibility very seriously and in an effort to uphold ourselves and our products to the standards needed we have created the Juki Environmental Philosophy, an action plan to enact said philosophy and the Eco Products Certification.

Our Environmental Philosophy is to:
to the local community and society by environment-conscious activities
people around the world with environmentally friendly products
an active role to hand down a better global environment to future generations through continuous activities
What are Juki Eco Certified Products?


You might have seen the Eco Products Certification logo on different machines you have purchased but what does it mean?

When the JUKI Group manufactures products, it carefully considers the environment at every stage of the product lifecycle, from material procurement, manufacture, transportation, and use to recycling and disposal. We introduced the "JUKI ECO-PRODUCTS AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM" in March 2009, and we evaluate 38 assessment items relating to the environment at the development stage.

Only the product which achieved especially-high level environmental consideration is authorized as "JUKI ECO-PRODUCT."
Our action plan

To ensure we are doing all we can to in-act and uphold this philosophy we have created an action plan:

  1. Prevent global warming by promoting energy-saving in all business activities and use resource efficiently by implementing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).
  2. Provide products with less environmental load by planning, researching, developing, procuring, and manufacturing with environmental influences in mind.

  3. Contribute to countries and regions by modifying environmental conservation activities to suit local conditions wherever Juki does business as a global company.

  4. Observe environmental laws and other agreed requirements, and prevent environmental pollution. Actively disclose environmental information.

  5. Raise "awareness of ecological problems" among employees through educational campaigns.

Green Logistics

The Juki group, as a leader in its industry, has been one of the first companies to promote CO2 reduction in the transportation of products.

In as early as April 2001, for example, we completely changed our method for transporting industrial sewing machines by containers. When shipping export products before, we used to transport the empty containers by truck from Tokyo or Yokohama port all the way back to our plant in Ohtawara City.

Now, we transport the containers only a short distance to our plant in Ohtawara City from the international cargo terminal in Utsunomiya city. Later, in November 2004, we introduced a new system for the round-trip transport of loaded containers by railroad in cooperation with Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. and Japan Freight Railway Company. Then, in April 2006, we began transporting products by rail between Akita and Tokyo/Yokohama. Through this last adjustment, we have reduced our CO2 emission by 1,687 tons per year.
We won’t say “Trust us”, we will show you that!
Our clients’ success stories

Need small introduction in 4-5 lines of text - this will create the mood of the success and overall tone of this section. Taking the opportunity of this block I will explain how the success stories will work - here we will list only ‘sneak peak’ versions of the stories, which will be separate articles or if you wish - landing pages (created using building blocks from the article section.) We won’t show full stories here.


"We sell fashion, not clothing. In a world where fashions change every season, we choose the JUKI sewing machine to meet the exacting demands of our customers. Our mission, as Italy's top designer label, is to satisfy the customer demand for quality."
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Julius K9

We here in Juki are very proud of our customers whom excel at what they do, pushing their respective industries forward with the help of Juki industrial sewing machine technology. Julius-K9® are the embodiment of this, utilizing Juki machines in their journey to the forefront of this industry.
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Herno is one of Italia’s leading jacket producers and 2018 sees them celebrating their 70th year in business. They have been using Juki machines for decades, helping them realize some of the industry’s most well respected and sought after men’s and ladies collections going back to the 1940's.
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Hempel International ®

We have maintained a steady relationship with JUKI since we were established in 1992. So far we have purchased more than 10,000 JUKI sewing machines, or about 98% of the machines we own. JUKI products satisfy our high technical requirements and policy of pursuing high quality.
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