JaNets - Juki advanced Network system

JaNets is a Shop floor control system that allows you to monitor all aspects of your production leading to substantial increases in overall efficiency

With industry 4.0 on everyone's mind and an ever-increasing demand for the digitalization of sewing production lines comes the latest innovation from Juki - JaNets: Juki Advance Network System. This software system in combination with complementary hardware allows for unrivaled real-time tracking and monitoring of a production process.

Sewing machines in a line or shop floor can be interlinked to provide data on all aspects of the production. With this data factory can see where its production is being held up, highlight operators underperforming, target machines with reoccurring issues - with the goal of improving the overall effectiveness. If a factory can see exactly how they operate from start to finished and have a clear view of their short comings it allows for process improvements and data based decision making.

With JaNets you can meet the challenges of reducing cycle times, increasing productivity and delivering greater quality at a lower cost. Improving the effectiveness of your production you can elevate beyond your competition. 

Basic of the system

Terminals positioned at each workstation are designed to monitor, track and report the entire breadth of your production floor activities. Significantly improving production balance, supply chain visibility and manufacturing cycle times. These terminals allow the entire factory to communicate quickly and effectively reducing the time it takes to react to problems and carry out administrative work. JaNets works to convert unproductive time into productive time or in other words increase efficiency.

This conversion allows for an increased output or for the factory to produce the same amount with less labor and/or working hours. If management are given data to see exactly when, where and why an operator stops sewing (going off-standard) then they can work to eliminate or reduce this. Time spent doing menial administrational work is streamlined allowing line managers to spend their time on the floor. Communication between operators, line managers, engineering and management is also made more efficient reducing non productive work hours. 

Digital machines

One of the key advantages of JaNets is when it is used in combination with Juki's digital sewing machines. These two new technologies in tandem allow for faster and more accurate updates as well as more detailed analytics of a production.

JaNets can be integrated into Juki's machines allowing it to capture all the data that is registrated by the machine, including error codes and detailed sewing data. This level of detail gives management an even better picture of the machine and operators performance. Reoccurring errors can be indicated to engineering to remedy what might be a larger issue. Similarly, if some parameter of the machine is causing knock on effects these can be pulled form the data i.e. higher rate of needle breakages can be correlated to a certain sewing speed. Data pertaining to Juki digital machine parameters can be uploaded or checked via JaNets. This will drastically reduce set up times while also ensuring that all machines are prepared correctly for each bundle. The operator only needs to scan the RFID tag for the terminal to automatically update the machine parameters pre-approved for the bundle.

Engineering do not even need to step onto the factory floor for this as the parameters can be set up at the design or prototyping stage.