Non-Apparel Sewing machines

Non-Apparel Sewing Machines with improved functions, ensures high quality stitches with tightness of thread, feeding the materials strongly and smoothly.
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AB-1360, AB-1360/CR-10A
Higher productivity is achieved by automatizing the steps of sewing shoelace loops for sport shoes. Cutting, folding and sewing of shoelace loops can be carried out in one process, thereby promoting labor-saving and deskilling.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-210EN Series, AMS-221EN Series
New technologies have helped the AMS Series increase productivity achieve energy conservation in consideration of the global environment, and further improve quality.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
The new AMS Series models substantially decrease power consumption when compared with the conventional ones. They have been designed to achieve eco-friendliness.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-210EN1510-X90015, AMS-210EN1510-X90015ECO
With a sewing speed of 2,200 sti./min. and combination of various functions the AMS-210EN have contribute to increased productivity. A remarkable degree of energy conservation is achieved through the use of the direct-drive system.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-221EN-TS has been developed to enable two-colour stitching enables sewing with two different-in-color threads (i.e., two kinds) with no need to change the thread or to re-place the sewing product on a different sewing machine. This helps significantly reduce the operator's working time and eliminates differences in position of the sewing product.When a needle-bar changeover command is entered into a sewing pattern, the sewing machine will stop and automatically change over the needle bar then re-start sewing with the second color thread (second kind of thread).
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-221EN/JEUX-0043, AMS-221EN/X7910/JEUX-0043 (perfect stitch type)
With the active tension, pinpoint changes in the needle thread tension during sewing are enabled. The needle thread tension, therefore, can be set in conjunction with the material thickness and can be corrected according to the direction of sewing on a stitch by stitch basis through the operation panel.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-221F-2516 (X:250mmxY:160mm), AMS-221F-3020 (X:300mm×Y:200mm)
Digital sewing system proposes the production process added with a computerized new value to all the people who engage in production.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-224EN-4530, AMS-224EN-6030
The machine not only achieves higher productivity due to instantaneous increases/decreases in sewing speed at the beginning /end of sewing and increased speed of thread trimming, but also achieves a flexible responsiveness to materials to promise enhanced seam quality due to JUKI's unique active tension and programmable intermediate presser.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-224EN4530R/AW-3, AMS-224EN4530R
The cycle machine, which has a wider sewing area, achieves an improved seam quality,increased productivity and easier operation.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-224EN6030/X7910 (X:600mm×Y:300mm), AMS-221EN2516/X7910 (X:250mm×Y:160 mm)
AMS-224EN/X7910 has removed the area where hitch stitches are produced to make the total area capable of sewing with perfect stitches, thereby improving the seam quality.
Computer-Controlled Cycle Machine
AMS-251 (1-needle), AMS-252 (2-needle)
The machine-head-turning mechanism helps achieve high-quality seams uniformly in every sewing direction.
Flat-Bed Sewing Machine
The machine is capable of making well-tensed, perfect finished seams, regardless of the type of heavy materials.
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