ITMA 2023

Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition

After the success of the ITMA exhibition in Barcelona, in June 2019, we can confirm another one in Milan, Italy at ITMA 2023.

Popular locations and the waiting time between editions play an important role of attracting visitors. Potential customers want to see the novelties that producers, of the textile and clothing industry, have been working on for 4 years. The location is always a beautiful place that encourages you to travel. What is more, organizers promise that each visitor will find what he is looking for, brand representatives, specialists, technicians so no question will remain unanswered.

From our own experience, again we can confirm that was the most attended exhibition of all regular fairs in which we have participated. For this reason, we have prepared a wide range of industrial sewing machines, seamless solutions . Our team not only presented the best sides of Juki but also were proposing solutions, tailored to the needs of your production, all week long.

Thank you for visiting. We hope that we have convinced you that you cannot miss another edition of ITMA.

Machines on the booth

DDL-9000C Direct-Drive, High Speed, Sewing System with Automatic Thread

MF-3620 4-needle, Feed-off-the-arm, Flatseamers, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

PS-800 Computer Controlled Cycle Pattern Seamer Machine with Optional Material Cutter

AMS-210EN Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function

JEUX 7510 Flatbed Ultrasonic Welding Machine

JEUX SF-806 Machine for Seamless Hemming and Joining with Ultrasonic Fabric Edge Trimmer

JEUX SF-828 Tape Bonding Machine with Material Trimmer

JEUX AI-002 Post-Bed, Seam Sealing Machine

JEUX CS-686 Pneumatic Cool + Heat Flat Press Machine

JTR-MF7923BHA Bottom Hemming Automat

PLK-J360° Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function and Rotating Tool